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pH for Wine
Titrator 900
Total Acidity
Sulfur dioxide MT
Reducing Sugar
Portable pH
Dissolved Oxygen
Alcohol HI 83540
Brix Refractometer

Wine Industry

Laboratory Analysis Tools for Winemakers   

Today's winemakers are moving away from old manual titrations, color indicators, time consuming aeration oxidation (AO) tests and dilution calculations to more accurate, more dependable and faster methods.  It is vital that instruments deliver information quickly, inexpensively but most of all with high accuracy.  Hanna's extensive experience as a manufacturer of high quality instrumentation has lead to a group of very specialized tools required by today's wine industry.  The quality of these instruments is what sets them apart.  The following is a list of these instruments:

  • Cal-Check pH meter with a special wine electrode
  • Automatic Titrator (unlimited testing)- fast, accurate          
  • Portable pH meter with special wine electrode    
  • Total Acidity "mini" titrator  (MT)                                 
  • Sulfur dioxide, "mini" titrator (MT)
  • Reducing Sugars            
  • Phenols, photometric                                                                   
  • Copper, photometric meter
  • Iron, photometric meter 
  • Tartaric Acid, photometric meter 
  • Turbidity meter for wine (Limpidity)







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