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Resistivity Controllers and Meters

For high purity water applications it is easier to use resistivity numbers commonly expressed as "mega-ohms", where 18.3 x 106 Ω-cm is totally ion free water.  Small low cost mini-controllers are available for these applications with compatible sensors.  In addition, portable meters are available to make quick spot measurements.

HI 98188 Conductivity and Resistivity Meter

HI 98188 Conductivity and Resistivity Meter

The HI 98188 waterproof conductivity meter has an extended range from 0.001 ųS/cm to 400 mS/cm, full resistivity range in MegaOhm-cm as well as three salinity scales.  The universal range allows this meter to be used in a wide variety of applications and environmental conditions.  The included four ring probe has a built in temperature sensor.  The meter will automatically compensate for temperatures from -20.0C to +120C or can be referenced to a selected or a manually defined temperature.  Conductivity calibration is automatic with up to five points using memorized standards.  Temperature can be calibrated at one or two points.

Data collection of up to 400 samples can be manual on demand or automatic with time intervals from 5 seconds to 1 minute.  Data then can be transferred to a computer with the opto-isolated USB port using Hanna software (not included).

US Pharmacopeia <645> stages 1, 2, 3 features are also incorporated into the meter.  The meter is equipped with rechargeable batteries which are inductively rechargeable.  The meter comes with a large foam lined case including the inductive recharger and probe.  Weight = 525g.  The meter housing features a military style case with rubberized buttons and has a waterproof rating: IP 67.

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BL 983314 Resistivity Controller

This controllers are available as either 12Vdc or 115VAC powered devices.

The controllers are designed for RO, DI, and water conditioning applications.  The output relay is closed when the measured value is lower than the setpoint and open for values above the setpoint as you would expect.  The hysteresis (deadband) is 0.2 MΩ-cm.  There is also an overtime control which advises you when the relay is active for too long (adjustable from 5 to 30min).  A probe with temperature compensation is included.  The probe has a 1/2" NPT connection with a 2m (6 ft) cable.  The size is 3.3" x 2.1" x 3.9" deep.  The 12Vdc model includes a 115VAC/12Vdc adaptor.

The controller also features an OFF-Auto-ON selector switch which is particularly useful during maintenance operations for manual control of the output relay.






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