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Merritt Davis TAP-30 and TAP-20 Wire Take-up Winding Machine

Manufacturer Retrofits Winding Machine With Entertron, Replacing Allen Bradley.

Merritt Davis TAP-20 Dual Wire Take-up Spooler

Controllers used - Elite-2000

Total Inputs - 32 @ DC, Quadrature Decoder Input, 4 analog inputs @ 0-10 VDC

Total Digital Outputs - 28 @ DC, 4 @ AC, 4 analog outputs @ 0-10 VDC

Communication Protocol - ModBus

Operator Interface - Beijer H series 10.4" color touch screen

Customer Goals:

Restore function and improve features to a wire winding machine equipped with an older fading PanelMate touch screen and Allen Bradley PLC used by a wire and cable manufacturer.

Application Description:

Merritt Davis "TAP-20" wire take-up spooling machine with automatic cross over was performing poorly. The old touch screen was barely visible and some of the interfaces were non-functioning. The machine contains two variable speed motor drives with analog feeds from a capstan wire rate transmitter and a wire tension dancer. Numerous sensors are used to determine the carriage, shield and cutting finger positions. A PLC is needed to control both AC and DC digital outputs as well as analog outputs using a touch screen HMI (Human-Machine Interface). For continuous operation, logic is required to control which drive needs to run and to facilitate automatic or manual cross over in addition to other required functions. A systems integrator and Entertron distributor, MBH Engineering Systems of Lynnfield, Massachusetts was contracted to create a program using a new Entertron Elite 2000 PLC with a touch screen HMI.

In addition to the upgrade of the TAP-20 system, the customer also contracted us to update a similar machine made by Merritt Davis "TAP-30" with a new Entertron PLC including programming.

Benefits to the Customer:

The wire spooling machine was only out of operation for a few days while the new instrumentation was installed, wired, programmed and tested. The Elite-2000 was installed into the same space previously occupied by the older Allen-Bradley PLC. The new PLC has a seven year warranty and a typical service life of twenty years or more. Should a future problem occur, software can easily be downloaded to new equipment saving costly downtime. Additional new features were added to the HMI. Specially designed troubleshooting screens now show the status of all of the connected sensors and transmitters. Sensor failures or malfunctions can easily be identified in this manner to make ongoing maintenance much simpler. Should future modifications be required, MBH Engineering Systems can easily support such changes often without a site visit. The spooling machine is now operational with wire speeds fed from the extruder-cabler up to 2,000 feet per minute or more.

Other Merritt Davis (now Davis Standard LLC) machine owners:

New Entertron PLC’s can be installed in any of the existing machines with the program developed by MBH Engineering Systems.  Optional touch screens can be added as well.  Merritt Davis winding machines used Entertron programmable logic controllers as original equipment.  Updating this equipment is very easy.






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