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pH Meters

Hanna Instruments pH and ORP meters

Wide variety of Hanna pH meters with more than 50 different models

The 4211/4212 below is just one of many pH meters which are now available for your application.  To see more:   Complete line of Hanna pH and ORP meters

Portable, bench and special application meters are all shown on the link above.

graphic display pH meter with dual channel input

The Hanna pH meter shown above is just one example of advanced pH meter technology.  Hanna pH meters are designed to incorporate the newest technology, with usability features found only in Hanna products.  Hanna Instruments manufactures a wide variety of meters which are application driven with an array of electrodes designed for all types of media.  In fact, Hanna is the world's largest manufacturer of pH products.  We stock a number of these pH meters and electrodes so that our customers can get fast delivery.  We are constantly getting new stock so you can be assured of factory fresh equipment.  All meters come with Hanna's multi-year warranty.  We want to make sure you love your meter.  We invite you to read our technical articles in the Tech Info section of this website.

Hanna Instruments pH meters for Food Processing

The new portable pH meters: Hanna HI 98171 pH meter and HI 98180 family

This pH meter will allow the user to enter any value for calibration.  In fact five custom buffers may be entered.  The meter can also be calibrated at up to five values.  This makes this meter very accurate over a wide range.  Very often in the food industry pH values must be measured near pH 3.  Conventional meters are only calibrated at 4 and 7.  Whereas the HI 98171 can be calibrated at pH 2.00, 3.00. 4.01, 5.00 and 6.00 using Hanna's selection of "technical buffers".   This meter uses Hanna's specialty pH electrodes for food processing as well as Hanna's standard pH electrodes. The HI 98171 pH meter has the calibration check feature, backlit display, inductively recharged batteries, mV scale, GLP, auto-end, log on demand, computer port for downloading, waterproof case, out of calibration range warning indicator, calibration due feature and more.  Hanna pH electrodes are available in PVDF, titanium, plastic or glass bodies.  Ceramic triple junctions or open viscolene junctions are available to resist clogging (a common problem in the food processing industry).  The tips of the electrodes can be conical, flat or spherical.  Special razor blade attachments are also available on some electrodes for use in meat testing. 

The HI 98180 family of pH meters add to the features of the 98171.  The "military" cases on these meters are rubberized for greater protection.  These Hanna pH meters have a graphical display which allow greater details to be displayed along with the pH measurement.  For instance, all the values which were used in the last calibration are displayed along with an electrode condition bar graph and digital value.  Some models even will allow even greater accuracy to +/- 0.002pH.  Hanna also makes buffers for this purpose: millesimal buffers.  And the waterproof model HI 98183 can also be immersed in water without worry.

Hanna Instruments Bench pH Meter for Food Processing

The HI 221 and the more accurate HI 223 are among many calibration check bench meters which include an electrode holder.  Both meters also include a computer port for downloading of stored data logged readings.  Logging of samples makes record keeping very easy indeed.  The HI 223 will allow readings of pH in the thousandths place (0.001 pH).  Good Laboratory Practice or GLP functions are included of course.







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