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Hanna Instruments Panel Mounted Conductivity ControllerHanna Instruments Portable Conductivity Meter (TDS Meter) with conductivity probe

Both panel mounted conductivity controllers as well as portable or bench top conductivity meters (TDS meter) use an advanced type of sensor to insure stable results.  Rather than the older two pin capacitance type of sensor, these meters use a newer technology which provides for more precision and accuracy for any conductivity meter.     

The four ring sensor technology is a major step forward from the old two pin design.  The 4-Ring potentiometric design is the most accurate method for conductivity measurement and prevents polarization.  And because it does not suffer from electrolysis it can measure a broader range.  The rings are made from platinum which can resist higher temperatures.  All of the conductivity meters we sell use probes of this design.  For a more in depth discussion of probe design and units of measurement read: Technical Article - Conductivity Measurement

The conductivity meter must be temperature compensated as change in temperature does influence the measured conductivity value.  All of the conductivity probes include a thermal sensor for this purpose.  The standard units of measure for conductivity are expressed in micro Siemens per centimeter (S/cm).  However the Hanna Instruments conductivity meter / TDS meter will also display the results in other units of measure such as TDS (total dissolved solids).

Resistivity Controllers and Conductivity Controllers have relay and analog outputs for valve or pump control, alarm and recording.  Advanced features include display in a variety of different units, time delay alarm relays, push button calibration with memorized calibration standards and more.  Standard four ring technology probes can be used with stainless steel threaded connections.  For more information on these controllers click on the link buttons (top left of this page).

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