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Juice Titrator
Total Acidity
Wine Titrators


Advanced Automatic Titrators

Hanna Instrument Automatic Titrator Family

Automatic titration instruments are now available for a large number of applications.  Instruments make analysis much faster and more accurate.  These are each shown using the gold navigation bars on the left:  Acidity, Alkalinity, Alcohol Content, Sulfur Dioxide for wine analysis as well as very specialized instruments for the food and dairy industry.

HI 901 - HI 902 Multi-parameter Professional Titration System

With Clip-lock TM, it only takes a couple of seconds to exchange the reagent burettes to perform a different titration.  Click on the image below to see all of the advanced features unlike anything previously available on the market. 


Key Benefits:

  • Computer interface
  • Many Pre-installed test procedures
  • Additional test methods added at no charge
  • Custom test procedures can be added by user
  • Site training for personnel included
  • Fast assays with great accuracy and precision
  • Easy to exchange of burettes for faster multiple assays
  • Dynamic, end-point pH, end-point mV options
  • Precise propeller stirring speed programmed for each method
  • Pre-stirring time and pre-dosing programmed for each method
  • Stepper motorized syringe pump for dosing as small as 5 microliters
  • Customized tests for:
    • Wine Industry
    • Soap, detergent, shampoo manufacturers
    • Petroleum Industry
    • Metal finishing (plating) Industry
    • Metal treatment (passivation)
    • Pharmaceutical Industry

Important:  If you have an interest in this product, please call us.  We can arrange a demonstration at your facility.   This feature rich instrument will be a great asset to your company and pay for itself in short order.


Click here for link to: Copy of brochure in PDF format.






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