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Hi/Lo Limit

Limit Controllers

High and Low Temperature Controllers are needed to prevent fires and excessive low temperatures

These are used in addition to normal temperature controllers.  They shut down the potential causes of a disaster.  Think of an insurance policy, it is there "just in case."

A very inexpensive unit, they can be worth their weight in gold.  We see the results of disasters that could have been prevented.  Thousands of dollars of equipment, up in smoke.  Then the problem of lost production time compounds the event.  Prevent catastrophic fires, personal injury or product loss with a limit controller.

shown above are Future Design L91 and Series "7" controllers

These units can be panel mounted so that the word "safe" is normally shown (the display changes to a temperature reading when the pre-set value is exceeded or either hot or cold applications).  Alternately they can be mounted internally inside a control panel.  Both units will shut down a hazardous output and can be used to turn on an alarm.  This recommended as safe engineering practice rather than relying on an alarm output from the main process temperature controller.

Future Design L91 Limit Controller Specifications

Future Design Series 7 Limit Controller Specifications

Partlow 1161 Limit Controller Specifications






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